Next events


FMX Show - Assenede - Belgium 


Erzberg Rodeo - Eisenerz - Austria 4-7


Red Bull X-Fighters - Madrid - Spain 


KTM Show - Nurnburg Ring - Germany 26-28


With 12 team riders spread across the world, FMX4Ever is the largest FMX team out there, with riders competing at the highest level of world competition. With incredible extensions, technical tricks, amazing rotations and back flip combinations, the FMX4Ever boys are the real deal. The sky is the limit and there are no laws to gravity. They always make it happen!




FMX4Ever visits Bahrain and Hong Kong with the start of the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. Over 45.000 people visited the two events as the riders set out to give the fans a taste of the world’s most famous tour and competition.


Here is a view on the FMX4Ever 2015 team bikes that you will be seeing flying around the world. Thanks to Stoica Graffics, we believe that our bikes are the sexiest our there. Huge thanks to our partners that help make dreams come a reality. 


The European season opener starts at the Dortmund Supercross once again. FMX4Ever prepared a special treat for the freestyle motocross action on the 3 sold out nights. Nick Franklin sealed his body varial, the California roll 3 nights in a row.