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Verva Street Racing , Dakar na Narodowym - Warsaw


Monster Jam - Arnhem - Netherlands 27-28


Monster Jam - Antwerp - Belgium 4-5.10


Monster Jam - Stockholm - Sweden


With 12 team riders spread across the world, FMX4Ever is the largest FMX team out there, with riders competing at the highest level of world competition. With incredible extensions, technical tricks, amazing rotations and back flip combinations, the FMX4Ever boys are the real deal. The sky is the limit and there are no laws to gravity. They always make it happen!




The 2014 freestyle motocross season has probably been the most exciting yet. It’s been unpredictable and leaves us in the need to adapt to all of the new elements coming in. Today, freestyle motocross is a sport where only a handful of riders can lead the pack and represent it in its true fashion. On the organization side, the battle is in a different ballpark. We strive to entertain and bring the best display of exhibitions to fans around the world. As the world is changing and leaving us with new issues that we have never had to deal with in the past, our goals stay. We entertain and our motto is to make it happen. Catch up here with some of the latest activities of FMX4Ever.


In the middle of the Austrian Alps there is an event where riders from all over the world race up a mountain called “The Iron Giant”. The finest Champions of Motocross, Freestyle MX, Rally, Trial and Enduro racing came together again at the 20 edition of the Erzberg Rodeo. They race each other but they mostly end up fighting themselves, their machine and the mountain. 


With a few weeks to spare before the team touring starts again, I decided to pack up and visit a few friends around Europe. Yes! It’s road trip time. The plan is simple: Travel a couple thousand kilometers, do some site-seeing, ride at cool places and have fun. Check out some of the footage along the way.