Next events


Red Bull X-Fighters - Mexico City - Mexico 


Red Bull X-Fighters Jam - Bahrain 2-3.4.


Red Bull X-Fighters Jam - Hong Kong


Belgiums Got Talent - Antwerp - Belgium 


FMX Show - Assenede - Belgium 


Erzberg Rodeo - Eisenerz - Austria 4-7


With over a decade of experience in freestyle motocross events and production, we have the know-how to create events from the bottom up. We can fully organize shows from small demos to grand arena events. If you need improvements or innovation on an event of your own, you are at the right place. We push possibilities of modern entertainment to the edge.




Here is a view on the FMX4Ever 2015 team bikes that you will be seeing flying around the world. Thanks to Stoica Graffics, we believe that our bikes are the sexiest our there. Huge thanks to our partners that help make dreams come a reality. 


The European season opener starts at the Dortmund Supercross once again. FMX4Ever prepared a special treat for the freestyle motocross action on the 3 sold out nights. Nick Franklin sealed his body varial, the California roll 3 nights in a row.


It was by far the busiest extended weekend for the FMX4Ever team. On Friday and Saturday 4-5.10.2014, 2 groups were set up in the Belgian cities of Mettet and Antwerp.  The Monster Jam returned to Antwerp and Mettet hosted Super Biker, the worlds most prestigious supermoto event of the year. As the FMX4Ever riders and friends were entertaining the crowds, part of the crew were set in Israel making sure that everything is unloaded from the transport containers and ready
for the Monday and Tuesday events in Jerusalem.