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Red Bull X-Fighters - Madrid - Spain 


Speed Pilots - Geisenfeld - Germany 17-19.7


Zwartecross - Netherlands 24-26.7


Red Bull Air Race - London - England


With 12 team riders spread across the world, FMX4Ever is the largest FMX team out there, with riders competing at the highest level of world competition. With incredible extensions, technical tricks, amazing rotations and back flip combinations, the FMX4Ever boys are the real deal. The sky is the limit and there are no laws to gravity. They always make it happen!




Nick Franklin was on his way from New Zealand to Europe and received the call to Red Bull X-Fighters in Athens. The 33 year old proved, that he is still able to chase modern FMX progression and banged out his body varial California Roll  and 540 from the quarter pipe in his qualification rounds. Here a few words from Franky’s Athens experience. 


The weather conditions are always an issue at the Erzbergrodeo. Earlier years it was a tough job to fit in even a couple of jumps because of the extreme wet weather. This year it was dry and hot as hell on the mountain. Excellent news for FMX fans!The vibe was hot too! At Erzberg thousands of spectators know all about the FMX scene. It was awesome to see the crowd react to the live comments on tricks and riders by Jimbo Verburgh and Robbie Maddison.


The iconic Grand Post in central Algiers became the set for the first Red Bull X-Fighters Jam in Algeria. Martin Koren, Gilles Dejong and Nick De Wit entertained the crowds with their dazzling tricks showing them a piece of what could be seen on the X-Fighters world Tour.