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Inviting riders to your show, but don’t have enough bikes? No worries, we can supply them for you! We operate with almost all motocross bike models and will deliver them directly to your venue. If you are a rider traveling over sea’s and need a ride for a few weeks, we are happy to help.


FMX4Ever is the largest international freestyle motocross team in the world. We take part in over 60 events annually and have the largest logistics system to make it happen. We love good times and adventure but at the same time strive for competition. With 4 FIM IFMXF World Championship tittles, 3 World Records, 11 X-Games medals and a Red Bull X-Fighters Championship title, we mean business! 


Nationality: Belgian
Hometown: Zelzate
Date of birth: February 10th, 1974
Sponsors:  KTM, FMX4Ever, Scott Sports, Denicol, Royal Hills, Stoica Graffix, Twin Air, WP Suspension, Akrapovic



Nationality: Czech
Hometown: Prague & Zelzate
Date of birth: November 1 1982
Bike: KTM 250SX
Sponsors: Scott Sports, FMX4Ever, KTM, Denicol, WP Suspension, Royal Hills, Twin Air, Slim Grafix Airbrush, Stoica Graffix Design, Akrapovic,, Radio Spin 


Nationality: New Zealand
Hometown: Tokoroa, NZ
Date of birth: September 10th 1981
Bike: KTM 250SX
Sponsors: Scott Sports, Red Bull, KTM, Unit, Burger Fuel, Etnies, Akrapovic, WP Suspension, Twin Air, Royal Hills, Stoica Graffix, AMPS,


Nationality: Belgian
Hometown: Overijse
Date of birth: October 23 1984
Bike: HQ 250TC
Sponsors: Scott Sports, Husqvarna, Vans, Akrapovic, Royal Hills, Twin Air, Denicol, Wings for Life, WP Suspension


Nationality: British

Hometown: Devon, England

Date of birth:
Sponsors: FMX4Ever, DC, Stoica Graffix, Scott Sports, Akrapovic, Denicol, Royal Hills 



Nationality: Belgian
Hometown: Wassmunster, Belgium

Date of birth: 23.3.1983
Sponsors: Scott Sports, Vans, Hope, Grounded BMX, Royal Hills, FMX4Ever, Twin Air, WP Suspension, Stoica Graffix, Akrapovic


Nationality: Belgian
Hometown: Zelzate, Belgium
Date of birth: May 8th, 1979
Sponsors: Scott Sports, FMX4Ever, Waxx, KTM, Vans, Royal Hills, WP Suspension, Twin Air



Nationality: Switzerland
Hometown: Payerne, Switzerland
Date of birth: July 29, 1982
Sponsors: KTM, Scott, Unit, Red Bull, Swatch



Nationality: USA
Hometown: Temecula, California
Date of birth: June 10th 1977
Sponsors: Red Bull, KTM, Oakley, Troy Lee Designs, KTM




Nationality: Swedish
Hometown: Malung, Sweden
Date of birth: September 21, 1984
Sponsors: Redbull, FMX4Ever, Polaris, Zippmunster, Scott Sports, Metal Mulisha




Nationality: South African
Hometown: Johannesburg
Born: August 22, 1981
Sponsors: Red Bull, Fox, Oakley, DVS, KTM, CTI, Michelin, Akrapovic



Nationality: France
Hometown: Bergerac, France
Date of birth: June 11th 1986
Sponsors: Kenny Racing, Ipone, Stomp Grip, Gaerne, DOTZ, Stoica Graffix, Polisport, 69 Slam, Scar




- FMX4Ever Milestone -

Nationality: Belgium
Hometown: Kalken, Belgium
Date of birth: May 5th, 1981
Sponsors: KTM, FMX4ever, Skullcandy, Vans, Waxx Underwear, Ogio, Von Zipper




- FMX4Ever Milestone -

Nationality: Swedish
Hometown: Alicante, Spain
Date of birth: January 27th 1980
Sponsors: Twenty-13, KTM, Wings for Life, Kenny Racing, Etnies, Verb, SG