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ZOT Day Brussels is a project that puts the spot lite on extreme sports in Belgium. It is an event organized by the ASBL Sports Film Festival, an initiative of M.Courtois, Firt Deputy Mayor of the City of Brussels. The mission of ZOT Day is to educate, inspire and share… In Dutch, zot means crazy and so the day of craziness gives awareness to the many talented Belgian athletes, that excel in their universe, but are not getting the same attention from the media as traditional dinosaur sports do.

FMX4Ever joined the outdoor activates in front of the very legendary UGC cinema. Nick Franklin, Gilles Dejong, Martin Koren and Mike Van Dijck entertained the citizens of Brussels with their dazzling tricks. There were showers throughout the day, but with a little bit of luck, the guys still managed to fit in 4 stunning demo’s.

Photography @ Nathan Polis – Red Bull




FMX4Ever, its in the name!




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