Gathering of Legends, Superbiker Mettet

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Get your F4E ramp today! Riders who have ever hit an FMX4Ever ramp will tell you that they love them. Just ask one of the pro’s riding the Red Bull X-Fighters tour of what they thought about the ramps in Moscow, London, Giza, Rome, etc. There is nothing better than a good ride off a perfect ramp.


FMX4Ever visits the Mettet super moto circuit! Superbiker is the largest and most prestigious super moto event in the world. A long list of legendary riders such as Micky Dymond, Jeff Ward, Michael Pichon and many more have visited and competed at Superbiker. It is a gathering of the best of the best. In fact, the newly crowned FIM MX1 World Champion Romain Febvre joined the grid once again. Remi Bizouard, Nick Franklin, Gilles Dejong and Martin Koren went upside down on the starting line.


For more Superbiker action shots from Gino Maes, check out


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