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With 12 team riders spread across the world, FMX4Ever is the largest FMX team out there, with riders competing at the highest level of world competition. With incredible extensions, technical tricks, amazing rotations and back flip combinations, the FMX4Ever boys are the real deal. The sky is the limit and there are no laws to gravity. They always make it happen!


A new FMX4Ever web page is in the making. We will soon be back on track with updates from our team and events from around the world. Stay tuned and thanks for your loyalty.



FMX4Ever visits the Mettet super moto circuit! Superbiker is the largest and most prestigious super moto event in the world. A long list of legendary riders such as Micky Dymond, Jeff Ward, Michael Pichon and many more have visited and competed at Superbiker. It is a gathering of the best of the best. In fact, the newly crowned FIM MX1 World Champion Romain Febvre joined the grid once again. Remi Bizouard, Nick Franklin, Gilles Dejong and Martin Koren went upside down on the starting line. 


ZOT Day Brussels is a project that puts the spot lite on extreme sports in Belgium. It is an event organized by the ASBL Sports Film Festival, an initiative of M.Courtois, Firt Deputy Mayor of the City of Brussels. The mission of ZOT Day is to educate, inspire and share… In Dutch, zot means crazy and so the day of craziness gives awareness to the many talented Belgian athletes, that excel in their universe, but are not getting the same attention from the media as traditional dinosaur sports do.


The Zwarte Cross Music and Motocross festival is the biggest of its kind.  It started as an illegal motocross race with a rock concert. Today, over an extended weekend, nearly 200.000 tickets are sold for the Zwarte Cross. There is no Moto event like this one. FMX4Ever is proud to be part of it!


Nick Franklin was on his way from New Zealand to Europe and received the call to Red Bull X-Fighters in Athens. The 33 year old proved, that he is still able to chase modern FMX progression and banged out his body varial California Roll  and 540 from the quarter pipe in his qualification rounds. Here a few words from Franky’s Athens experience. 


The weather conditions are always an issue at the Erzbergrodeo. Earlier years it was a tough job to fit in even a couple of jumps because of the extreme wet weather. This year it was dry and hot as hell on the mountain. Excellent news for FMX fans!The vibe was hot too! At Erzberg thousands of spectators know all about the FMX scene. It was awesome to see the crowd react to the live comments on tricks and riders by Jimbo Verburgh and Robbie Maddison.


The iconic Grand Post in central Algiers became the set for the first Red Bull X-Fighters Jam in Algeria. Martin Koren, Gilles Dejong and Nick De Wit entertained the crowds with their dazzling tricks showing them a piece of what could be seen on the X-Fighters world Tour.


FMX4Ever visits Bahrain and Hong Kong with the start of the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. Over 45.000 people visited the two events as the riders set out to give the fans a taste of the world’s most famous tour and competition.


Here is a view on the FMX4Ever 2015 team bikes that you will be seeing flying around the world. Thanks to Stoica Graffics, we believe that our bikes are the sexiest our there. Huge thanks to our partners that help make dreams come a reality. 


The European season opener starts at the Dortmund Supercross once again. FMX4Ever prepared a special treat for the freestyle motocross action on the 3 sold out nights. Nick Franklin sealed his body varial, the California roll 3 nights in a row.


It was by far the busiest extended weekend for the FMX4Ever team. On Friday and Saturday 4-5.10.2014, 2 groups were set up in the Belgian cities of Mettet and Antwerp.  The Monster Jam returned to Antwerp and Mettet hosted Super Biker, the worlds most prestigious supermoto event of the year. As the FMX4Ever riders and friends were entertaining the crowds, part of the crew were set in Israel making sure that everything is unloaded from the transport containers and ready
for the Monday and Tuesday events in Jerusalem.  


Verva Street Racing sells out the National Stadium in Warsaw. 47.000 spectators witnessed the fantastic Dakar Edition live show on Saturday 20th, 2014. Over 120 drivers and riders participated in the event. It was the battle of champions as legend and superstars raced over the sandy terrain in the arena. FMX4Ever was there with freestyle motocross to open the show.


The city of Diamonds once again hosts the Antwerp Street Kicks, an outdoor festival that is gaining in grow and popularity amongst the Belgian community. FMX4Ever was there together with Red Bull Mobile for a double wide ramp-to-ramp FMX session in international scale.


The 2014 freestyle motocross season has probably been the most exciting yet. It’s been unpredictable and leaves us in the need to adapt to all of the new elements coming in. Today, freestyle motocross is a sport where only a handful of riders can lead the pack and represent it in its true fashion. On the organization side, the battle is in a different ballpark. We strive to entertain and bring the best display of exhibitions to fans around the world. As the world is changing and leaving us with new issues that we have never had to deal with in the past, our goals stay. We entertain and our motto is to make it happen. Catch up here with some of the latest activities of FMX4Ever.


In the middle of the Austrian Alps there is an event where riders from all over the world race up a mountain called “The Iron Giant”. The finest Champions of Motocross, Freestyle MX, Rally, Trial and Enduro racing came together again at the 20 edition of the Erzberg Rodeo. They race each other but they mostly end up fighting themselves, their machine and the mountain. 


With a few weeks to spare before the team touring starts again, I decided to pack up and visit a few friends around Europe. Yes! It’s road trip time. The plan is simple: Travel a couple thousand kilometers, do some site-seeing, ride at cool places and have fun. Check out some of the footage along the way.


There are only a few events around the world that are able to say that they’ve been around for 20 year. Strong foundations are needed to set tradition. Behind traditions like annual motocross events lie many years of love and dedication to the sport. Thanks to Lars Green and his production crew for never giving up. We are honored to be part of it!


FMX4Ever welcomes Husqvarna, the new member to the freestyle family. Gilles Dejong, Alex Porsing and Marcus Dubois will saddle the new TC250 model for 2014. The new factory FMX team premiered 24-25.1. at supercross in Goes, Netherlands along with Chris Brock (KTM). FMX4Evers young guns racing division brought home great results.


In the last decade, FMX4Ever riders have became the first group to perform in over 30 countries around the globe. Thanks to the passion we have been sharing with promoters and partners around the world, we’ve made a hug chunk of history together. We stand by the philosophy of being a rider built company. As a team, we have been developing our riding skills, as a company we have developed our ability to deliver into becoming the largest FMX logistics fleet in the world. Lets keep this passion for years to come!


The Nitro Circus European tour hits a total of 20 cities in 2013 with only a few stops to go. The crazy family attacks each city one at a time leaving back unforgettable memories. Over 12.000 Belgian fans had the chance to experience the Nitro Circus crew at its best this time including Belgians Gilles Dejong.